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Rev. John D. Occhipinti, President of REACH OUT INTERNATIONAL, is known on Amateur Radio as, "John the Baptist", Chaplain of Amateur Radio. John is dedicated to preserving Amateur Radio and serves as an Official Observer, Local Government Liaison and Official Emergency Station for the ARRL. Brother John is also an accomplished singer, musician and song writer and enjoys the "audiophile realm" of Ham Radio. His mellifluent tones are an amalgamation of depth, presence and clarity and he believes that superb audio is clean, articulate and zero beat, within the bandwidth of good Amateur Radio practice. Please click on any of the menu items on the left, and take a look at John's shack, family, home, friends, and other links John finds of interest. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact John at the address provided below. God Bless you.  

Please email John at: k3ur@att.net

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